Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am doing a Marathon!!!

A friend of mine kind of challenged me today. I was told that my little gadget is maybe not calculating the right numbers, because it seems it is unlikely to walk 10 miles in 2 and half hours. So, I had to prove to her and myself that I was walking as much as I have been saying. Today I drove my car the distance I usually walk and it was the SAME as my little gadget says. According to that, my calculations were correct. But that was not enough for me, so I did some research today.
The average marathon walker will require 6-8 hours to complete the event ( 26.2 miles) which is between 4.37 miles an hour & 3.275 miles an hour. At the peak of training , most walkers are spending 4-6 days and 10-16 hours a week walking. I walk each day for Two and Half hours (17.5 hours total).
So, if you look at those statistics would you agree with me that I am and can walk 10 miles in Two and Half hours?
Anyway, that wasn't enough for me either, so after doing more research during the day this is what I came up with.
Southern Indiana Classic Marathon and Half Marathon
I am doing Full Marathon (26.2 miles) on April 11th, 2010.
The 2010 Southern Indiana Classic Marathon is a Boston Qualifier for the 2011 Boston Marathon and all the proceeds from this inaugural event benefit The American Diabetes Association.
This is very close to my heart and I am very excited for doing this. The 18 week full marathon training program starts December 7th, 2009.
Wish me luck!!!
PS: I only walked little over 8 miles today and I finally did buy the battery for my gadget, lol.

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