Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Journey to a better me!!!

Welcome to my first post about New Beginnings. I have started my journey to a better me in September of 2008. My friend Kari has given me an idea of starting a blog about it.
There comes a time in life when you stop and take a look at who you are, where you are and what you have done. I have had many life changing events in the last year and half that have caused me to really think about my life. After taking that long look I did not like what I saw. What happened to all my dreams and hopes, why did I given up on them? And who exactly was this person looking back at me from the mirror? She had a very slight resemblance of me, but she was 35lbs heavier than I ever was. And she had lost the happy glow from her face... It took me a moment to realise that "she" was actually me. But this was me who was NOT happy. Not happy with the way I looked, or the way my clothes fit, or my life at the time. People who know me will tell you I was never overweight, not really. But that is because I am really good at "hiding" the imperfections with certain clothes. I have asked myself so many times "where did ALL these pounds came from?" I don't eat much and I like healthy food. What happened? But than all of a sudden I knew. With every new stress that I was faced with I found comfort in food. I didn't eat much, but all the little snack I had were enough.
Than one day I woke up and I knew, I couldn't change other people and I couldn't change the circumstances but I could change ME. I can not tell you where my inspiration to "better" myself came from but I can tell you my biggest motivation. The "old, younger" me. I used to be very skinny (too skinny, if you ask me), athletic and full of life. I wanted it back. But there was this little problem, I hate gym, and who really wants to get back into the exercise routine again? So, I said to myself "I am going to walk every night by the river". I choose that spot because it has this calm feeling when you're there, it's pretty and to tell you the truth it makes me relax and think and just be me. Over last year I have had some bumps in the road when I couldn't walk and I took couple of breaks (almost three months of breaks) but in the end over period of 9 months I have lost 22 lbs. I am very proud of myself and I feel great.
I am hoping that with this blog I can inspire others to start getting fit or just to have a positive outlook on life. I am going to try to post daily inspirational quotes or stories too. I will let you know about many of the new beginnings in the future posts but for now join me in this journey and let's ALL get fit.

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  1. Awesome Sanela!! You'll have to share where you got your header.
    I'm excited too! My walk starts tomorrow {kids start school}
    Our Journey Begins!