Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stop ruining your fun!!!

Stop comparing and judging. Those two behaviors can drain all the joy out of a perfectly good life. We compare this time in our lives to another time. Than we decide that this time is worse, not as much fun. Or we compare our life to someone else's and we decide the other person is having more fun and success than we are. Comparison is judgmental. We judge this to be better than that, and this to be worse than the other. By comparing and judging, we deny ourselves the beauty of the moment and the wonder of the life that's in front of us now. Instead of deciding if a situation is good or bad, just be thankful for it-the way it is. Most things are neither good nor bad, unless we attribute those judgments to them. Most things simply are, and they are what they are, at this moment in time. Go into the moment. Let it be what it is-free of judgments and comparison. Can you believe how beautiful it is, right now, right here where you are? Why didn't you see that before? If comparing and judging is draining all the joy out of your life, start putting some fun back in it by applying a little gratitude, instead. (Language of letting go)

I really like this insert from the book. It reminds me of how I used to think. I always compared myself to other people and to myself from 10 years ago. That did not get me anywhere except more not liking myself. Once I stoped comparing and judging I slowly started to love myself. Now I try to do thinks I always wanted, like learning Korean language at the moment. I am planing to go visit Korea for three months in the spring of 2011. How cool is that? For the longest time I have forgotten all my dreams and wishes, but now I am finally being me, and I am loving it.

Today as I was walking my 4 miles, a mail lady stoped me and said: "I see you here every day, You do a lot of miles here, don't you"? I said: "I try to do about 5 miles in the morning and few more at night". She was like :"Very good for you, that is just awesome, you look great, keep doing what you doing". I smiled and said: "It makes me feel good". She smiled back and said: "See you tomorrow". I can tell you one thing, THAT comment from a stranger MADE MY DAY.

Don't wait another day to make yourself feel good. Do it now. Just start no matter how small it is. Walk for 10 minutes, even 5, but JUST DO IT. lol

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