Sunday, August 30, 2009

You don't know what you have 'till its gone!!!

25 pounds gone. I feel great. I am really starting to love myself. lol. I also think I am due for some new walking shoes 'cause I just got some new exercise clothes. Today I only walked for 4 miles and I would have walked more, but I was so thirsty so I had to go home. Note to myself "Bring some water with you".
August 28, 2009
Since I did not write anything yesterday I just want to let you know I walked 6 miles.


  1. Fabulous! Congratulations to you! The hard work is paying off.

    Are you doing other exercises besides walking? How do you measure your distance? Just curious. I found your blog from Kari's new one and I'm glad I did!

    Thanks for sharing and keep it going.

  2. Thanks. As of right now I am only walking but I will start pilates again soon and I really want to go back to Tae Kwon Do. :)
    I actually drove my car on the path I take when I walk, but I am getting my Heart Monitor/Pedometer. It was mailed on Friday... You can be my follower if you wish.