Monday, May 6, 2013

There is beauty everywhere...

What started as a journal entry about wanting to write and not knowing what to write, has turned into a short story, followed by realization that in essence was this blog's jump start story from beginning. Have I confused you yet? Lol. Keep reading then, I might succeed.

I have been having this huge urge to write, but of course I don't really know what I should write about. Should I write these stories that have been living and growing in my mind? Maybe I should write about things that could inspire others? Or perhaps I should write about my life before and after "Michael"... Either way I look at it I can't decide. Maybe, just maybe, I should start with...

So, I came down by the river, to get some inspiration and to recharge my batteries so to speak. As I sit here on the stairs going down, about ten feet from the river I keep thinking;  It's beautiful here, peaceful, makes me calm and happy.  I love the sound of waves crashing into the rocks beneath the stairs, every time Barge floats down the river toward west side. Or is it south side?  I’m not sure. This is the third or fourth one I’ve seen in the last thirty minutes or so.  Looking up I see two ducks, together they’re swimming down the river too. They seem happy and calm, with no worries in the world, just going down with the flow of the river.

Speaking of the flow; that is definitely something I need to do more.  Just flow with the river, or life’s little (or big) obstacles. Let go of the past and everything that is not for me any longer, people and things that do not resonate with me. Let go of everything and anything that is not for my highest good.  But, I’m telling you, it’s hard. It’s especially hard when it comes to letting go of people who were part of my life for many years…

This river calms me, grounds me and gives me the boost I need to face everyday life. Many times, because of the situation (living arrangements) I’m currently in, I feel guilty leaving home to be here. At the same time, once I’m here I could stay for hours and I have been in the past. Gentle breeze in my hair and on my skin makes me feel one with nature.  Sounds and playfulness of the river takes me back to my own childhood and my favorite place in the world.  Thinking of that place now is making me ask some questions of myself.

Is this my favorite place because I was always happy to be there?

Maybe it’s because I found my first love there?

Or is it because it was my escape from the unfair world I grew up in?

Looking at the gray skies and a little bit of sun peeking through white clouds, reflecting beautifully over tree tops into the movement of the river I realize how much I really love this place too.  At least this part of the area I live in. The way it’s making me feel; happy and content, lets me forget troubles that worry me. Serene and rejuvenated I am ready to face the next day. At least this place gives me inner peace and I get to remind myself once again, no matter where I am in life, on what geographical location, or where on my spiritual journey, there is always something good I can be grateful for. Always. And you CAN too.

I suppose this little entry into my journal has turned into revelation after all. These kinds of posts happen to be my favorite to write about and remember…

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