Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kind Words

It amazes me time after time how one single word spoken to me can change the whole outcome of my day.  I mean I can have the "one of those" days when things just don't go very well for me; or I can just feel sort of down and someone special says, or texts, or calls me and tells me something sweet and my whole attitude changes.  The other day I was having a bad day and somewhere in the middle of the day I got simple text that said "Hi Honey".  It made me smile for the rest of the day.  How amazing is that??? Tonight again, I was feeling down so I decided to go out for a run/walk.  While I was walking my phone paused the music and delivered a text that was simple and sweet... But that little text made me smile big, lol. And it made me happy.  So, we should all try to let someone know that we care.  Remember, smile at everybody, strangers too, because that might be the only good thing someone receives all day... Share the joy with everyone you get in touch with.  Knowing that someone cares about you is probably the best thing you can experience in this world.

Btw, the weather here is gorgeous so I have been outside walking and running.  It feels great... And tonight I'm loving you...

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